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Service Tax Return

The provision relating to Service Tax Return are contained in Section 70 and 71 A of the Finance Act 1994 (as amended) and Rule 7 and 7A of Service Tax Rules. Returns are required to be filed in prescribed Forms ST-3, ST-3A or ST-3B in the specific cases. E-filing of returns are mandatory w.e.f 1/10/2011 for all assesses and in respect of all taxable service.

According to Section 70 (1) every person liable to pay service tax shall himself assess the tax due on services provided by him and furnish to the authority of Central Excise a return in such form and in such frequency as may be prescribed.

Periodicity for submission of return

Returns has to be submitted half yealy for the following period:

I-  Q1 (April -June).

II- Q 2 (July –Sept).

III-Q 3 (Oct to Dec).

IV-Q4 (Jan to Mar).

Penalty for delay in furnishing of Service tax Return

Delay of 15 days. Rs 500
Delay of more than 15 days but up to 30 days. Rs 1000
Delay of more than 30 Days. Rs 1000 plus Rs 100 per day from the due date till the date of furnishing of return Maximum amount restricted to Rs 20000

The return filed once can be revised by the assessee to rectify the mistake within 60 days from the date of submission of original return.

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