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Registration Under Service Tax  

What is service Tax?

Service Tax is a tax which is payable on service provided by the service provider. This Tax is payable by the provider of service to the Govt Of India.

Who Should Apply for Service Tax registration ?

As per the Rules framed by the Indian Govt., every Service Provider has to mandatorily apply for Service Tax Registration if the Value of Services expected to be rendered by him in a financial year is more than Rs. 9 Lakhs. How ever the Service Tax would be payable only when the value of services provided by him during the Financial Year is more then 10 Lakh. – the Service Tax Registration is optional at the option of the Service Tax Payer.

What is the procedure for registration?

  1. The assessee shall make an application in form ST 1 to the Superintendent of Central Excise in duplicate. 
  2. The application shall be filed within 30 days from the date of providing taxable service and shall bear the address sought to be registered. 
  3. The application should be filled up carefully without errors and columns and boxes which are not applicable may contain “NA” stated across them. All the taxable services provided should be mentioned on the application and there would not be separate applications for each of such taxable services.
  4. The Form should be signed by the director/partner/sole proprietor as the case may be or the authorized signatory.
  5. The application shall be accompanied by copies of the following documents:-
    •  Self certified copy of PAN, (where allotment is pending, copy of the application for PAN may be given)
    •  Copy of MOA/AOA in case of Companies
    •  Copy of Board Resolution in case of Companies
    •  Copy of Lease deed/Rental agreement of the premises
    •  A brief technical write up on the services provided 
    •  Registration certificate of Partnership firm
    •  Copy of a valid Power of Attorney where the owner/MD/Managing Partner does not file the application
  6. Once filed, the acknowledgement for having filed the application is to be obtained on the duplicate copy for one's own reference.
  7. If the Particulars stated in the Form are correct, then the registration certificate would be provided within a period of seven days. Where not so provided, the registration is deemed to have been granted.
How is centralized registration different?
Centralized registration is opted for in a case where the accounting and billing operations of the assessee are centralized in an administrative office which may be a branch or Head Office despite the services being provided from more than one location. The premises that is registered here is the one where the centralized accounting and billing is done. This decision is at the option of the tax payer and he can also opt to have
  • The registration in case of centralized registration would be granted by the Commissioner of Central Excise having jurisdiction over the centralized premises 
  • The registration formality at the department's end takes a little longer than the period stated above and the concept of deemed registration need not  apply here  

Current Service Tax Rate is 12 % + 2 % Education cess +1 % Higher Education Cess so the Effective Rate is 12.36%

If a service provider total value of Taxable services provided during an Financial Year exceeds 10 Lakhs then he has to charge 12.36 % service tax from the recipient of the service.

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