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Legal FIN India is a web based Legal advisory company founded by a team of professional who are geared to offer sound financial and personalized proactive services ranging from Business Formation to Business Support to its esteemed clients, Our Experts through their vast experience guide.....
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Om Jageshwar Nath Infratech & Developers Limited, (U.P)
Dry Run Education Private Limited, Rudrapur (U.K)
Dusty Goat Retail Private Limited, Bareilly (U.P)
Dehradun E-Net solutions Private limited, Deradun (U.K)
Maani technology private limited, (Delhi)
M/s Purvanchal Flour Mill Private Limited (U.P)
M/s MascotGreen India Infratech Private Limited (U.P)
M/s Addon Funds Consultancy Private Limited (Punjab)
M/s Khatu Shyam Ji Concrete Udyog, (Uttrakhand)
M/s Mahalaxmi Concrete Udyog (M.P)
M/s 3G Online Services Private Limited (U.P)
M/s Gayatri Infotel (U.P)
Grunno Corporation Private Limited(Delhi)
Whizzdumb Networks Private Limited (Delhi)
Xfinity Marketing & Services Private Limited(U.P)
Simplify Holidays Private Limited(Delhi)
CS Investment Advisors Private Limited(Haryana)
Creative Info Solutions Private Limited (Rajasthan)
Global Infraheight Private Limited(Chandigarh)
Less Brands India (U.P)
Eastiny Health Care India Private Limited (Bihar)
Raise Focus T &D Construction Private Limited (U.P)
Shrisaikripa Online Retail LLP (U.P)
Future Gen Retail LLP (Delhi)
Quick Freight Systems Private Limited (Delhi)
EMVCOM Technology Private Limited (Haryana)
WIA Software Private Limited (U.P)
ITPLOT Technologies LLP (Rajasthan)
Krivik Global Solutions Private Limited (Delhi)
NYMAX Technologies Private Limited (Uttrakhand)
Kaypeesons Infratech Private Limited (U.P)
Starsuper Mutual Benefit Limited (Uttrakhand)


“Very Efficient service .Not only LFI made us chose a more beneficial business model (which I understand now); they completed all the business formalities in no time”.     (Kavish Singh)
“The best part about LFI is that they are available whenever you want them and their understanding of the business model is commendable .I keep getting back to them and have never returned without a solution”.     (Prateek Shinghal)
“They know what they are doing and pretty good at it .My best wishes to the whole team”.      (Ankit Sharma)
“I was really stuck up in Sales Tax matter LFI really helped in solving mine case! Mine best wishes to the whole team”.      (Vinayak Goel)
“It’s all about knowledge and experience in the industry .Consultants at LFI seems to have all of it .Thank you all for all your suggestion and help .Good Luck”.      (Anuj Meharotra )
“One step solutions for all Income Tax needs are what I feel”.      (Pranjal Garg)
“Never thought starting a company would be so easy LFI took all the pain in the formation on my company and here what they have a truly satisfied customer”.      (Abhinav Agarwal)
“Love their working style .They are really quick .My best wishes”.      (Ankit Agarwal)
“Completing all the Legal compliances made easy”.      (Himanshu Parida)
“Made company registration so simple”.      (Chirag Batra)
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